Final Feliz :)

Although there are millions of homeworks about internet, I like the lesson. It helps me to socialise. ( Anyway I like people when they stay away from me :p). I will use some useful links to teach English. Maybe first I should improve myself and practice more on the internet. Sometimes we got angry because of the homeworks but I never had difficulty in this lesson. Everything was easy for me .. This lesson is look like a “re-meet with the internet” 🙂

I felt speaciail in this lesson. It was different because I have got my own thing in here. These are just my ideas and you read them one-by-one. It was the first time that I commented every week. I must confess, I was the weirdest activity that I’ve ever done. I didn’t know what to do .

That’s all I want you to know. 

Arrivederci! 🙂


ıt is our final project and this is the first time that I’ve ever owned a web site:P it is mine! it is very easy to use. It is not complicated and it doesn’t take so much time. I suggest you to use it. It is better than blogs. I really like to complete my final project. That’s alll!!

Story Jumper

It is very easy to use. There is no complicated thing in that website. you can ask “Okay, but why should I use this website?” 

Here is the explanation: You can create your own online story book for ELT learners (beginners). İt has got a lot of colorful pictures and scripts. You can use prepared things or you can create your story. I created my own story. It was very excited to see my own book. It is public book so, you can click on it and check my story. There are some grammar problems, I realized after finished the story but don’t mind I don’t use it in my classes 🙂

And also you can use “Movie maker”. I used it and prepared a video. Shared it on youtube 🙂 I don’t know how you gonna like this but here is the link

‘this is what we’ve learned from CALL lesson’ also my story jumper book

Skype- Facebook-Twitter


Except for the title we mentioned about “MSN (which is almost dead now), Yahoo Messenger (I never used), Google Talk (I never used )”. First of all, I heard about that tools before, but I didn’t need to use one of them. Still I don’t have any account, that’s why I don’t want to write about these 🙂

I think skype is the best thing that humankind ever invented, after phone, TV, internet, car, abacus…. etc. It makes everthing easier in our life. When someone goes abroad, we couldn’t be in touch. but thanks to Skype, we can see eachother and also talk to eachother. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend from another city, it doesn’t matter how many times you can see eachother. Skype can also save your relationship :p anyway…

I think Facebook is a kind of corruption. People waste a lot time in there. They’ve got facebook pimples. You can find a lot of “educational” and “sexual” things there. It brings extremen people or situations together.
Twitter!!! It is the cutest website! You have got shortest and smallest area in that website. There are a lot funny tweets in twitter. Sometimes it could be boring but i still use it!!



WiZiQ- Online Conference Tool

“As a social networking site to bring together educators and students from around the world.”  Wikipedia.

If you don’t have any time or money to go to course, you can try wiziq to improve yourself. There are a lot of teachers and leraner in that platform. People learn new thing in there and also can practice their second language.  You can find can find online tests, tutorials, and recorded classes.  Any one can be teacher of leraner. There is no limitation for this. You can choose any teacher or class to attend that online lesson. According to some researches, it is mostly used by Indian people.

Platform providers:

  • Audio/video
  • Whiteboard
  • Support for PowerPoint
  • Screensharing
  • Support for other file types including sound, video, Microsoft Word documents, Flash, PDF, etc.
  • Courses

Website: – free and online


Technology becomes a big part of our life. We talk on the phone, we watch TV  we use computer…. That would be endless list . If we don’t use them intellectually, technology becomes confusing and complex stuff although it has got a lot of advantages. Well, how we adapt this technology into our 081810_f1life/ interests/education.

Last week we talked about mobile learning. People in Turkey really interest in Mobile phones. They follow the mobile media. People think that “I must buy the newest one”; therefore, almost everyone has got an android or internet accessed phone. We should use this in education. For example; dictionaries (Tureng, Zargan, Sesli Sözlük) also they have got correct pronunciation of the words. Besides, there are a lot of useful links/ web sites on the internet. You can share your lesson plans of you can get a new one for yourself. You can write a problem of your class and take advice about the problem on a web sites. You can download useful videos; an example lesson for teaching countable and uncountable or learning new words in 3 minutes etc. ( . What kind of information you are looking for is online. Just add “m.” before writing the link for example to use them properly. 

Thanks for reading. Have a good day 🙂